‘Sangathamizhan’ Movie Review!

‘Sangathamizhan’ runs for a known rush and a reason to save people!

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Direction: Vijay Chandar
Production: Vijaya Productions
Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Nivetha Pethuraj, Raashi Khanna, Soori, Ashutosh Rana, Mime Gopi & Sriman
Music: Vivek-Mervin
Cinematography: R Velraj
Editor: Praveen K. L.

Been waiting since October and after a great struggle, Vijay Sethupathi starrer ‘Sangathamizhan’ is released finally such that everybody had been completely excited for knowing how the film is because of the two varied looks of ‘Makkal Selvan’. Let’s see how this ‘Sangathamizhan’ had worked out on screens this week?


Murugan is a fun-loving youngster who is running to get chances for acting as lead actor in films. While he roams around and lives peacefully with his middle-class family, he gets to meet Kamalini (daughter of a rich, businessman) such that she wanted to shoot the locations of the housing board for her photography project in which she gets the help of Murugan. Looking at Murugan who resembles exactly like Tamizh from a village where Kamalini’s father was not allowed to build his copper factory; he was allowed to marry Kamalini only on a condition if he pretends to be Tamizh in order to make all the villagers believe and accept for the landowners to approve for building the copper factory. Will Murugan go to the village and make everyone accept for the dangerous copper factory to be built? Will Murugan cheat all the villagers and marry Kamalini or by understanding the love and affection of villagers, will he be standing for them? What happened to Tamizh who fought for the welfare of the villagers is revealed in the rest!


Already watching so many movies with such subjects of agriculture, businessmen taking away the lands of villagers and trying to build some factory, hero who is against it etc., (slightly by reminding ‘Kaththi’) are presented with the known screenplay by Director Vijay Chandar. However, the dual roles with complete mass was a good attempt by Vijay Sethupathi, lot of politics and strong background music had been the drawbacks in the film. Anyways, the twist before the pre-climax and the flashback portions of ‘Tamizh’ had been the good aspects of ‘Sangatamizhan’, the film is massive but giving a slight tiring feeling and known story. Apart from that, the cinematography and editing remained decent throughout.


Playing the dual roles by not only powerfully presenting himself on the screens, Vijay Sethupathi had attempted well in the comedy and romance portions as well. Also, as a daughter of a business, Raashi Khanna and as an educated girl from the village, Nivetha Pethuraj had added more beauty to the screens and performed well. Besides them, Nassar as Vijay Sethupathi’s father, Ashutosh Rana as an opposition party’s MLA, Mime Gopi and Sriman as Ashutosh Rana’s henchmen had performed their supporting roles well. Also, Soori who had been traveling throughout the film with Vijay Sethupathi (except appearing in the flashback portions) seems to work more on his wits which were actually less when compared to his previous films.

What works?

1) Vijay Sethupathi

2) Fun-filled first half

3) Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1) Usual mass entertainer

2) Predictable screenplay

3) Background score

On the whole, ‘Sangathamizhan’ would be a great ride if something new was there in the dual role hero story.


‘Sangathamizhan’ runs for a known rush and a reason to save people!

Ratings: 4/10

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