‘Frozen 2’ Movie Review!

‘Frozen 2’ is a fairy tale of two sisters with pure fantasy!

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Direction: Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee
Production: Walt Disney Pictures & Walt Disney Animation Studios
Music: Robert Lopez, Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Christophe Beck
Editor: Jeff Draheim

Been a year with wonderful animation films on the screens like ‘Aladdin’, ‘The Lion King’, ‘Pokemon: Detective Pikachu’, ‘Shazam’ and many others, before the year ends, here comes two girls in ‘Frozen 2’ for making us feel the fantasy. Let’s see how this ‘Frozen 2’ has worked in the screens!

Elsa is the queen of Arendelle and possesses magical ice powers. Anna is the younger sister of Elsa and always protects her sister Elsa in all odd times. On the other hand, Kristoff who is madly in love with Anna feels very awkward and shy to propose her for getting married. However, Elsa and Anna grew up by listening to the stories of 5 elements of the universe (Water, Sky, Earth, Fire, and Air) about Arendelle and enchanted forest filled Northuldra, they would have lost their parents while they traveled in a ship years ago. Besides all this, Elsa hears a voice from so long such that she becomes curious to know what it is. Also, when she tries to know what they are actually trying to tell, she disturbs all the 5 elements such that it disturbs Arendelle and the people over there get panicked. While she thinks that those voices call her for some reason, she starts moving from Arendelle with her sister Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf (Snowman) and others. Anyhow the journey is followed by only after making the people of Arendelle settle in a safe place and then leave Anna for taking care of them, Elsa goes alone to know what the voices are trying to tell her. Will she sort out the issues and save Arendelle? What will happen to Northuldra? How Anna will be away from her sister? Will Kristoff propose Anna for getting married is the story of ‘Frozen 2’!

Coming to the screenplay and the characters, we know fantasy films can be more maximum up to the realistic experience especially the live actions, the reactions of characters, the lip movements and also the language are the positive aspects of ‘Frozen 2’. Not only the mentioned things, but also had the story which is scripted had a clear motto with a closure with a happy ending of two sisters. Apart from that, all the characters which were created, has separate shade to execute on screens which are visually appealing by standing strong in the vision of the audience with good music and editing. On other hand, in the Tamil dubbed version, Shruti Haasan’s voice for ‘Elsa’, Dhivya Dharshini’s voice for ‘Anna’ and Sathyan’s voice for ‘Olaf’ had been so much perfect with apt modulations to the reactions which were animated in the film.

On the whole, ‘Frozen 2’ is one of the decent kids’ entertainers from ‘Walt Disney’ this year!

Verdict: ‘Frozen 2’ is a fairy tale of two sisters with pure fantasy!

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