‘Adithya Varma’ Movie Review!

‘Adithya Varma’ is not a rebel without a cause & also an attention seeker with fresh face!

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Direction: Gireesaaya
Production: E4 Entertainment
Cast: Dhruv Vikram, Banita Sandhu, Priya Anand, Raja, Anbu Thasan, Leela Samson & Bagavathi Perumal
Music: Radhan
Cinematographer: Ravi K. Chandran
Editor: Vivek Harshan

After the sensational release of ‘Arjun Reddy’ which had Vijay Devarkonda and Shalini Pandey in the lead roles and Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani reprising the characters of ‘Arjun Reddy’ and ‘Preeti’, we very well knew that there had been a great hype with expectations in Telugu and Hindi. Let us see how this Kollywood remake film by introducing Vikram’s son, Dhruv and ‘October’ girl Banita Sandhu has worked out in the box office and with the audience?


The story starts with Adithya Varma (Dhruv Vikram) expecting for some girl to remove his pants with great frustration in order to overcome the stress he has because of his love interest getting married to someone else. However, he is a smart medical surgeon and highly dedicated to his profession, due to his constant habit of smoking and consuming alcohol with great temper, he faces an issue in continuing his career for consuming alcohol before performing a surgery in the hospital he works. On the other hand, the flashback about his love with Meera (Banita Sandhu) runs simultaneously whereas the reason behind why he has been pushed away from his house is also revealed. After all the mess which had happened in his love, family and also in his career, how Adi overcomes all such issues? Will Adi meet Meera after that or will he change his mind by understanding the practical life situations? What will happen to Meera? The remaining will be explained in the slow-moving climax of ‘Adithya Varma’! (Please don’t mind if this review is same as it was for ‘Kabir Singh’/ ‘Arjun Reddy’ because it’s officially ‘remade’)


Making it similar to the original version and the Bollywood version, Director Gireesaaya has tried his maximum to give the approximate shade and tone to this Kollywood version even though there is a little curiosity to know how it had been more/less interesting if Director Bala has remade this film. However, many had commented that Bala had already directed the film ‘Sethu’ by having Dhruv’s father, Vikram in the lead role which was bit similar to the story of ‘Adithya Varma’ much before its release, this is a stylish, clean and matured version of that film which we actually need to accept. Apart from that, the dialogues, story, mood and screenplay were neat and well presented which has to be appreciated as Gireesaaya’s first attempt which is achieved successfully as a debut filmmaker. Besides them, the cast selection, cinematography, music, and editing were very decent and considerably if we don’t compare them to the original version. Also, the length with the last but the previous song was a bit not that nice but can be accepted for feeling the intensity of the story.


Having the proper bass voice and matching the character of ‘Adithya Varma’ and as the college senior, Dhruv’s portions in delivering dialogues and the stubborn body language had tried to fit the original version but slightly down the line while he appears as a surgeon, it’s not that accurate to accept him as such very easily. Anyways, it’s a great attempt and definitely we can’t deny that he has taken the screens off with his performance that too towards the climax, he resembled more of his father, Vikram in serious emotional sequences (Definitely he has stolen the ‘2k’ generation girls’ hearts which is much needed at present). Playing so much calm and sweet character, Banita Sandhu had made a good entry in Kollywood by playing the role of ‘Meera’ so gently. Besides that, as a caring and lovely grandmother Leela Samson, as a father Raja (he actually made a comeback), as a heroine and lover girl (Priya Anand) and last but not least Anbu Thasan as a best friend of Adi, had done their roles well.

What works?

1) Dhruv, Banita Sandhu & Anbu Thasan

2) Story and screenplay

3) Romance

What doesn’t work?

1) Length of the film

2) Not easily taken as a ‘film’ for family

On the whole, ‘Adithya Varma’ is just ‘Arjun Reddy’/ ‘Kabir Singh’ with a fresh cast and crew which will be definitely brushing out the nostalgia of romance among the present youngsters’ generation.

Verdict: ‘Adithya Varma’ is not a rebel without a cause & also an attention seeker with fresh face!

Ratings: 5/10

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