‘Adutha Saattai’ Movie Review!

‘Adutha Saattai’ is a usual preachy story with some lights on in college education systems!

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Direction: M. Anbazhagan
Production: 11: 11 Productions
Cast: Samuthirakani, Thambi Ramaiah, Athulya Ravi Yuvan & Sree Raam
Music: Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematography: Rasamathi
Editor: Nirmal

Directed by M Anbazhagan, Samuthirakani, Thambi Ramaiah, Yuvan, Mahima Nambiar, Junior Balaiah and many others were part of the cast in the film ‘Saattai’ (2012). Continued with the success of such drama, Director M Anbazhagan had involved the same team with Athulya as one of the leads in the film ‘Adutha Sattai’ with the bankrolling of Prabhu Thilak’s ’11:11 Productions’. Let us see how Samuthirakani’s facts on education had worked out on screens through ‘Adutha Saattai’!


Dhayalan (Samuthirakani), Tamil Lecturer, encourages students to question others if they didn’t get anything which they deserve. More than being a teacher, Dhayalan always tries to be a good friend to the students of ‘Appa Arts and Science College’. While he keeps preaching facts and motivates youngsters with the support of many other lecturers who also try to influence the same way of education, one of the main person of the institution, Principal Singam Perumal (Thambi Ramaiah) follows only the harsh system of education to have the practice on students than being liberal. However, he also gets frustrated by seeing Dhayalan’s preachy sessions which influence students to have their rights in educational systems, Singam Perumal tries out many ways to torture Dhayalan and get him out of the institution in order to rule the complete campus. What happens next? What problems do students face while they are trying to develop themselves for their future? What will the institution do? Will Singam Perumal understand what he is doing is a mistake, in the end, is the story of ‘Adutha Saattai’!


Compared to the first part which was a story with the government school students and their educational system, ‘Adutha Saattai’ seems to be an upgrade for the entire team to have a story that revolves around a college and the students who study there. Maintaining the screenplay in the first half with usual college routine with a slight romance and the caste issues which abandon the friendship between the young students, the second half seemed little lengthy with the story diverting to the future plans of the students, the politics in handling college administration and with a chaos in the climax. Also, the aggression of the students to get the right education and future, Samuthirakani’s usual preachy facts and Thambi Ramaiah’s over-exaggerated performance seemed slight sourness to the film. Besides them, the technical aspects like cinematography, editing and music were decent throughout.


Bringing the usual expressive performance through body language and dialogues, Samuthirakani had been the main, consistent and preachy performer in the film while it’s kind of tiring when the lecture is too much but convincing because of the role he had owed. Pairing to him, the actress who played the role of a sincere lecturer and also as Samuthirakani’s ‘rumored love interest turned to a wife’, had performed well. Also, competing with him, it looks like Thambi Ramaiah’s character seemed very dominant and over-exaggerated among the characters in the film. Athulya Ravi, whom we have seen in casual roles in films earlier, seemed to have tried some serious and emotional portions in this film which is appreciated. Apart from them, Yuvan, Sree Raam, Kaushik Sundaram, Humayunn Kabir, George Mariyan and many others had performed their roles well.

What works?

1) Facts and ethics for the proper system of education in college

2) Cinematography and music

What doesn’t work?

1) Thambi Ramaiah’s over-exaggerated performance without looking or behaving like a ‘College Principal’

2) More character insertions which come and fades away without getting registered

On the whole, ‘Adutha Saattai’ is an ordinary ‘Samuthirakani’ film which has lots of tiring facts and statements but very much needed for the present generation of college students.

Verdict: ‘Adutha Saattai’ is a usual preachy story with some lights on in college education systems!

Ratings: 4.5/10

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