‘Jada’ Movie Review!

‘Jada’ is a horrifying game with fewer thrills!

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Direction: Kumaran
Production: The Poet Studios
Cast: Kathir, Roshni Prakash, Yogi Babu & ‘Aadukalam’ Kishore
Music: Sam CS
Cinematography: AR Soorya
Editor: Richard Kevin A

After the release of ‘Bigil which also has football sport as the main subject, Kathir’s another football film i.e., ‘Jada’ had a great expectation on screens for the release such that we will see whether it attracts the audience or not!


Jada is an ambitious footballer who wanted to play in National levels such that he is adamant to play the sevens match which is risky and is stopped because of his role model and coach, Sethu’s death which happened before 10 years. However, the Police turn up unexpectedly by stopping the interesting match in order to avoid disputes between teams, the semi-final and final matches are planned to happen in the native place of Sethu. Eventually all the teams travel to Sethu’s native place where they all find everything around the place is weird and almost haunted. On the other hand, the thrill to win the game stops them to leave the place in spite of the village’s haunted scenario, what happens to Jada who wanted to win the sevens match and is adamant to be in the village even after so many haunted threats to leave the place follows the rest!


Coming to the screenplay of the film, ‘Jada’ had a smooth first half with a mix of romance, comedy and also the thrill about the sevens game in football but gradually the ‘so-called’ thrill had the reduction in the second half because of the diversion with a change in the entire genre and story. However, we have seen movies with either in the genre of horror as in the genre of sports; the attempt of having both the genres in one film is a bit clumsy while watching. Technically ‘Jada’ had a good show with good visuals, background score and editing.


Now talking about the performance of the cast, Kathir has done his best for the role he had owed (hope at least he will know why his character name is named as ‘Jada’). Pairing up with him, the actress Roshni Prakash had her show well but had less scope in performing. Apart from that, as a motivating player and coach, ‘Aadukalam’ Kishore, as Jada’s coach Arun Alexander, as a villain Sridhar, as a friend and co-player Yogi Babu, and many others had played their roles in a decent way.

What works?

1) First half

2) Kathir’s performance

3) Technical aspects

What doesn’t work?

1) Diverted second half

2) No thrill of the match

On the whole, ‘Jada’ is likely to have a good show if there is no diversion in the story as well as in the genre!

Verdict: ‘Jada’ is a horrifying game with fewer thrills!

Ratings: 4.5/10

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