‘Champion’ Movie Review!

‘Champion’ plays football along with sober revenge!

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Direction: Suseenthiran
Production: Kalanjiyam Cine Arts
Cast: Vishwa, Mirnalini, Narain & Manoj Bharathiraja
Music: Arrol Corelli
Cinematography: Sujith Sarang
Editor: Thiyagu

Known for directing with nativity and with sports as main subject in all his works most probably, Suseenthiran had worked on this sports film ‘Champion’ such that he is also introducing the lead actor Vishwa through the same. Let us see how this film has worked on screens!


In spite of restrictions by his mom after his dad’s (Manoj Bharathiraja) death, Vishwa practices football and wishes to become a national level footballer since his schooling. However, his love interest also encourages him mentally and financially for getting coached in a familiar football training academy, she is then forced to leave Vishwa due to family restrictions. Then with the dream to somehow succeed in life, Vishwa is directed to get trained under Narain who is also a best friend of Manoj Bharathiraja. While he is getting trained, he gets to know that his dad’s death was not a natural death and it was a murder done by the local don and the area councilor. With anger to kill the councilor as a revenge for his dad’s death, will Vishwa succeed in his dream to become a footballer and make his mom feel proud or will he lose his career because of taking revenge? Will the councilor kill Vishwa if he knows that Vishwa is trying to take revenge? What happens next follows the rest in the climax of ‘Champion’!


Coming to the screenplay, the film starts like a sports film with the story of an ambitious player in the first half but gets diverted from the interval block as a revenge story which is actually disturbing to watch. Having the usual story, Susienthiran seems to have tried to experiment with many parallel tracks in a single story which is actually appreciative. Also, the performance of the actors, especially the performance of Vishwa was so appealing to the screenplay by syncing to the character of a ‘Vysarpadi teenager’ he has owed in the film. Apart from that, the technical aspects like music, cinematography, and editing have been so neat and helping the story to travel throughout the film.


As a newcomer and as a football player, Vishwa has done his performance well which is actually amazing in his first film whereas more concentration is also needed to perform still better in emotional and stunt portions. Playing the role of Vishwa’s love interest, Sowmika, as a football coach, Narain, as a villain, ‘Stunt’ Siva and as a friend, Mirnalini has performed their roles well. Besides them, all other supporting artists had done their part as much as required for the portions.

What works?

1) First half

2) Technical aspects

What doesn’t work?

1) Second half

2) Screenplay shifting from football to revenge story

On the whole, Suseenthiran has done the experimentation in the sports film ‘Champion’ with many other parallel tracks like revenge, love and also, emotions which are slightly disturbing when compared to his previous sports film like ‘Vennila Kabbadi Kulu’, ‘Jeeva’ and ‘Kennedy Club’. Anyhow, it is a decent family entertainer.

Verdict: ‘Champion’ plays football along with sober revenge!

Ratings: 4.5/10

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