Almost 28,000 people helped in bankrolling an upcoming film of ‘Parithabangal’ team!

‘Hey Money Come Today Go Tomorrow Ya’ is made with the crowd funding from 28,000 people!

News 16-Dec-2019 11:50 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Popular through the YouTube channel ‘Parithabangal’, Gopi and Sudhakar had now stepped into bankrolling a feature film through crowdfunding almost from 28,000 people. Gathered from almost 24 countries and with an amount of 6 and half crores, an upcoming film ‘Hey Money Come Today Go Tomorrow Ya’ had been made. However, the Kannada film ‘Lucia’ is famous for the grand success by the same method of crowdfunding, many Tamil films were also made through crowdfunding nowadays. Having the hands of 28,000 people for crowdfunding, this film seems to mark the first film to have the fund from a largest crowd in entire Asia. Having comedy as the genre, the film ‘Hey Money Come Today Go Tomorrow Ya’ directed by SA Karthick aka ‘SAK’ seems to have a good message in the end. With the musical composition of Jakes Bejoy, the film involves Gopi and Sudhakar in the lead roles. Also, the team had slated to start the making very soon after finalizing the remaining cast and crew.

Announcing the title through an event in Crowne Plaza, Chennai recently, the team received the wishes of Radharavi, K Bhackiyaraj, Prem, Ramachandran, Dance Choreographers Lalitha and Mani and many others who had present in the event.

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