K Balachander is the one who has got me applause - Actor Sivakumar

The speeches of Sivakumar, Nassar and Saran in the event for the 5th year of K Balachander’s death!

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Been the 5th year of his demise, there had been an event happening in the memory of Director K Balachander in Chennai yesterday. In such a memorable event, Actors Sivakumar, Nassar, Rajesh, Ramesh Khanna, Directors Saran, Kanmani Subbu, TB Gajendran and many other film personalities had been taking part.

When Sivakumar has talked about K Balachander, he has stated that,

“Three important people who were constants in K Balachander’s life was Nagesh, Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan. When I was asked for playing a guest role in ‘Moondru Mudichu’ film, I have denied the call. But when Rajinikanth had been acting in ‘Moondru Mudichu’, K Balachander said to him at that moment, “Don’t be worried that you are black. You’re a black diamond and you are gonna rock the entire Tamil Nadu.” In the same way, Rajinikanth has helped during the loss of K Balachander’s production banner. K Balachander is the one who had made everyone talk about my character in the film ‘Sollathaan Ninaikiraen’. Among the 5 important films he did, ‘Agni Saatchi’ is also one! He has also brought me applause from else where for my character through the film ‘Sindhu Bhairavi’. His pride and fame will be retaining everywhere till Cinema exists.”

When Nassar had given the speech, he has stated that “How much ever days you live, death is always the end! But some people’s lives and the incidents which happen in their lives make us believe that they are not dead. K Balachander is one among them. He made my first film ‘Kalyana Agadhigal’. One incident which happened in that film, is still happening in my life. That is, I haven’t been late to my shooting schedules so far and I have never been an obstruction for any mess in the shooting schedules of films. K Balachander is the reason for that. It’s better to bring his behaviors and his art of film making in regular practice than praising him by building giant statues for him. And, that is very needed for the present day scenarios. Once he tells silence in the sets, the entire set will be silent and his voice will be very dominating at that moment. We really miss that kind of dominance at present.”

With an experience of working as one of his assistants, when Director Saran has given the speech, he said, “Director Balachander is a sculptor that he has carved himself as a masterpiece. He has helped so many of them to shine in their lives. We are all his devotees. All such devotees are the ones who had gathered for having a ‘fans club’ for him.”

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