‘Darbar’ Movie Review!

‘Darbar’ is all about a hunt of a bad cop for washing out evils with ‘Chumma Kizhi’ attitude!

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Direction: AR Murugadoss
Production: Lyca Productions
Cast: Rajinikanth, Yogi Babu, Nivetha Thomas, Nayanthara & Suniel Shetty
Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Cinematography: Santosh Sivan
Editor: A. Sreekar Prasad

After ‘Petta’, once there had been an update that Director AR Murugadoss and Rajinikanth are coming for collaboration, the excitement for ‘Darbar’ from the fans had reached to ultimate level for getting this big day with release. Let’s see how Thalaivar’s ‘Darbar’ had worked on screens this Thursday!


Adithya Arunasalam, Police commissioner of Mumbai wipes out all the drug mafia and women trafficking issues which seems to be happening as a casual routine in the city. However, our commissioner’s style is going on in full force with the shoot at site mission predominantly, Human Rights Commission gets a complaint on him for doing encounters continuously without any proper reason. Why Adithya is violent and what is the back story for his violence? Will he come out of his violence and act smart for hunting with peace? Will he be in trouble and who is the troublemaker in his life is revealed in the climax of this action-filled Police Commissioner’s ‘Darbar’!


Regarding screenplay of the film, AR Murugadoss has tried his best after series of his recent films which had been maintaining a little calm and subtle for quite some years. It looks like a slight bump up in his directing career graph. Also, there is gradual sustainability in the story, with no build-ups, no societal messages, no twists and turns, no extra flashbacks etc., Overall, it’s a neat Police story with a considerable storyline. However, Nayanthara’s portions and Sunil Shetty’s appearance remained very little; Nivetha Thomas’s portion, Yogi Babu’s comedy, emotional scenes between Rajinikanth and Nivetha Thomas, and the so-called ‘Chumma Kizhi’ action scenes had been diverting us from looking deep into the cons. Apart from that, the music of Anirudh, Santosh Shivan’s cinematography and Sreekar Prasad’s editing were good in this ultimate action film.


Coming to the performance part, Rajinikanth had tried his maximum to look cool and fresh in the entire film and has also dedicated his efforts especially in action scenes. He has been an absolute ‘Bad Cop’ with continuous gun shooting and killing. Next to him, Nivetha Thomas! She is just apt in the character she had played exactly like his daughter in an impressing way. Anyways, Suniel Shetty had a slight build-up with a ‘don’ background, he remained mum till the first half. Also, in the second half, he was less powerful in his appearance as a villain than it was expected which is quite disappointing. Nayanthara’s role had been actually an extended cameo role but was matured than compared to the normal ‘heroine’ roles we see in the latest films or even in AR Murugadoss’s previous films. We don’t have to tell about Yogi Babu’s wits! It was pretty decent without boring and also engaging. Besides them, Prateik Babbar, Jatin Sarna, Nawab Shah, Dalip Tahil, Sriman, Shamrata Anchan and many others had performed their supporting roles well.

What works?

1) Rajinikanth

2) First half

3) Nivetha Thomas & Yogi Babu

What doesn’t work?

1) Second half

2) Logic mistakes

3) Weak characterization of Suniel Shetty

On the whole, ‘Darbar’ is a pakka action film of ‘Thalaivar’ which will be definitely more satisfying to his fans and also genuinely accepting for movie buffs.


‘Darbar’ is all about a hunt of a bad cop for washing out evils with ‘Chumma Kizhi’ attitude!

Ratings: 5/10

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