‘Pattas’ Movie Review!

‘Pattas’ is a cracker without the best of its crackling effect!

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Direction: RS Durai Senthilkumar
Production: Sathya Jyothi Films
Cast: Dhanush, Sneha, Mehreen Pirzada, Naveen Chandra, Nassar & Munishkanth
Music: Vivek-Mervin
Cinematography: Om Prakash
Editor: Prakash Mabbu

After basking with the success of ‘Asuran’, Dhanush starrer ‘Pattas’ had been creating great expectations such that the film is directed by ‘Kodi’ fame RS Durai Senthilkumar which is another special reason. Seems to have the dual roles after ‘Kodi’, let us see how this Dhanush starrer entertainer had performed on screens during the Pongal festival this year!


Sakthi aka Pattas (Dhanush) is a local ‘Pullingo’-ish youngster who lives by stealing others' belongings. In order to irritate his neighbor Sadhana (Mehreen Pirzada) who earns well and creates nuisance in that locality, Pattas along with his friend goes to steal things from the place where Sadhana works i.e., in a kickboxing training academy of Nilan (Naveen Chandra). However, Sadhana’s job is at risk for not taking care of the things which were lost, Sadhana gets the help of Pattas to have her original graduation certificates from the academy. While Pattas also tries to rob the certificates for her, he tries to burn all other documents such that there is a collapse with a fire accident where Kanyakumari gets to see his son Sakthi i.e., Pattas in live during the mess while she tries to kill Nilan. Without understanding who is actually Kanyakumari, Pattas tries to steal the money from her where in one instance, she tells the story of her background and about the art of ‘Adimurai’ (ancient Tamilian martial arts) which is all grown in his blood. Who is this Nilan and why Kanyakumari has tried to kill him? What is the flashback? The specialty of ‘Adimurai’ is revealed in the climax of ‘Pattas’!


Talking regarding the screenplay and story, from the beginning, ‘Pattas’ has a simple plot which is easily predictable whereas the set designing, properties and the colors used in all frames looked visually appealing on the technical note. From the first half to the second half, the film had a usual story with a tiring screenplay which is much over-exaggerated. Except two songs (making us relatable to many other songs and background score from some other film), the entire film had no proper base with good sequence revealing about the art of ‘Adimurai’. It looks like there is no research done behind the entire idea because of which the entire screenplay looks so weak. However, the logic mistakes were not avoidable in any film; some obstructions like without conveying emotions during the mother and son meeting etc., were appropriately seen on screens which is quite exhausting. Overall, the film is considerable to watch for the appearance of Dhanush (his flashback portions) and for Sneha.


Coming to the performance part, ‘Pattas’ is considerable for the characters of Dhanush as ‘Pattas’ and ‘Thiraviyam Perumal’. Especially the character of ‘Thiraviyam Perumal’ conveyed the nativity. Supporting his character, Sneha as ‘Kanyakumari’, Nassar as ‘Velappan Aasaan’ and Naveen Chandra as ‘Nilapparai’ alias ‘Nilan’ had done their roles well. Adding beauty to the screens, Mehreen Pirzada had also performed the casual heroine role decently. Besides them, Munishkanth, KPY Sathish as ‘Puncture’ and KPY Kothandam also appeared in their supporting roles by performing efficiently.

What works?

1) Idea about the martial arts ‘Adimurai’

2) Characters of Dhanush and Sneha

3) Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1) First 30 minutes of the film

2) Not convincing emotional scenes

3) Background score

On the whole, ‘Pattas’ is a film for this Pongal occasion which is better to watch on screens without any expectations.

Verdict: ‘Pattas’ is a cracker without the best of its crackling effect!

Ratings: 4.5/10

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