Sona has requested media to not portray her as a glamorous actress!

Sona clarified about her role in ‘Pachamaanga’ to media with a request!

News 23-Jan-2020 1:22 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Been acting in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam films, we knew Actress Sona had been doing many glamorous roles so far. Recently, Sona had roped in for playing a prominent role in an upcoming Malayalam film ‘Pachmanga’. Having the trailer release recently, many media sites had portrayed Sona to be so glamorous in the film. Saddened by hearing out to all such news, Sona has given a clarification on her character in ‘Pachamanga’ by stating that “ ’Pachamanga’ was actually filmed before 2 years. My character is something that will be portraying the way of dressing that women in Kerala used to do. Only for a few minutes in the film, I will be in such a dress. Due to that, many media have been publishing news of me acting in a glamorous role and an ‘A’ rated movie. I am kindly requesting not to portray me or this film in that way. This film really has good content and story. Everybody will know only when this film gets released!”

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