‘Rajavukku Check’ Movie Review!

‘Rajavukku Check’ is a rush to save the daughter with a checkmate!

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Direction: Sai Rajkumar
Production: Pallatte Kokkatt Film House
Cast: Cheran, Irfan, Srushti Dange and Sarayu
Music: Vinod Yajamanya
Cinematography: M. S. Prabhu
Editor: CS Prem

Directed by ‘Mazhai’ fame Sai Rajkumar, let us see how this father-daughter sentimental film ‘Rajavukku Check’ has worked out on screens!


Cheran works as a CBI officer such that due to his health issues (Sleeping disorder) his wife separates from him in order to bring up their daughter with a safer environment. However, Cheran gets only one day in a month to meet his daughter, the days pass on for almost 10 years. At one instance, when his wife wanted to take their daughter to abroad for studies, Cheran demands having their daughter to spend 10 days with him since he will be missing her without meeting for another 4 to 5 years. Anyways, living with him is a bit risky because nobody knows about when he will be sleeping, on the tenth day i.e., on his daughter’s birthday, Cheran gets a threat from his enemies (Irfan and gang) for raping his daughter. Without able to use any technical communications, without going out of the house and without doing anything, Cheran gets locked in his house without able to rescue his daughter. What happens next? How will he be saving his daughter? What is the back story of Cheran with those enemies? Will he save his daughter and send her to abroad with his wife will be revealed in the climax of ‘Rajavukku Check’!


Looking into the screenplay, the first half has prominently lots of sequences with Cheran drinking and smoking with a depressed face which is not easily accepted for the police to be as such. Anyways, the sentiment between father and daughter has been working in bits; the interval block was rising up the thrills which were passing on till pre-climax. Only from pre-climax, the film was slightly lagging out whereas the remaining technical aspects like cinematography, music, and editing was quite decent.


Maybe we know well that Cheran will be apt for the character of the father, his character as police were not so apt. Apart from that, his performance was ok! As a daughter, Nandhana Varma had performed well supporting Cheran and as a villain, Sarayu as Cheran’s wife, and Irfan and others had also performed well. Srushti Dange who was appearing in a few scenes had been performing well but her role in the second half was a bit cinematic and unconventional.

What works?

1) Interesting screenplay

2) Cheran

3) Message conveyed

What doesn’t work?

1) Logic mistakes and Cheran’s sleeping disorder was not linked in the story

2) Smoking and drinking sequences

On the whole, ‘Rajavukku Check’ is a checkmate/warning for all parents those who have a daughter which is so thrilling and can be watched with family.

Verdict:‘Rajavukku Check’ is a rush to save the daughter with a checkmate!

Ratings: 5/10

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