‘Taana’ Movie Review!

‘Taana’ is not a story of a cop but has a series of issues to become a Policeman!

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Direction: Yuvraj Subramani
Production: Nobel Movies
Cast: Vaibhav, Nandita Swetha, Yogi Babu & Pandiyarajan
Music: Vishal Chandrasekhar
Cinematography: Siva G R N
Editor: G K Prasanna

Been having a different idea of night blindness in ‘Sixer’, Vaibhav has now worked on the film ‘Taana’ which also has a different idea i.e., a male having a female voice but with ghost playing games. Let us see how this ‘Taana’ has worked on screens this week!


Sakthi’s (Vaibhav) ancestors seemed so prominent in the village with the pride of safeguarding the locality since the British rule in India such that his ancestors followed to work as Police for serving people continuously. However, Sakthi’s father (Pandiyarajan) was not able to join Police job because of his physical inabilities, he wanted his son Sakthi to become a cop and serve their village which was also a promise made by him to his father. However, due to the black magic and all superstitions which his father was doing, Sakthi’s voice gets changed into a female’s voice whenever he gets tensed, angry, happy or sad which also makes him feel like a loser and lose interest on his dream to become Police. Anyways, due to a few situations, Sakthi tries to apply for the Police job whereas he is stopped by a higher positioned officer (Hareesh Peradi) due to ego issues. On the other hand, because of Yogi Babu, Sakthi gets to know about Anitha a pregnant widow who wanted to create trust and help children. She remains strangely dead for which Sakthi finds out the reason behind it to be someone and also the Police officer who is not letting him become a Policeman. How he proves it? What will happen next? Will Sakthi comes out of his voice changing problem is revealed in the climax of ‘Taana’!


Dealing on subjects like voice changing, ghosts, agencies supplying contact numbers of customers to corporate companies, snatching lands from original owners and lot more, ‘Taana’ has lots and lots of story diversions which seems very confusing from the beginning till the end. Both the first and second halves were at least concentrated on Vaibhav to become a police, which is the only appreciative aspect whereas other sidetracks were really destructing the main idea of the entire film. Besides them, the technical aspects like music, cinematography, and editing were quite decent.


Coming to the performance part, Vaibhav was giving a usual performance which generally he has given in his previous films. As a casual heroine, Nandita, as a comedian Yogi Babu and mainly the twin killers had done their roles in a decent way. Apart from them, Pandiyarajan, Sandra Amy and others had performed their supporting roles well.

What works?

1) Voice changing idea

2) Music, Cinematography & Editing

What doesn’t work?

1) Diverted story

2) Involvement of unwanted characters

On the whole, ‘Taana’ is a usual entertainer with not utilizing the great idea of voice changing effectively.

Verdict: ‘Taana’ is not a story of a cop but has a series of issues to become a Policeman!

Ratings: 4/10

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