‘Dagaalty’ Movie Review!

‘Dagaalty’ is just for one time-passing ‘chai’ and no thrills!

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Direction: Vijay Anand
Production: ‘Handmade Films’ & ‘18 Reels’
Cast: Santhanam, Rittika Sen, Yogi Babu, Radha Ravi & Tarun Arora
Music: Vijay Narain
Cinematography: Deepak Kumar Pathy
Editor: TS Suresh

After giving us treat with the super hit movies like ‘Dhillukku Dhuddu 2’ and ‘A1: Accused No.1’, Santhanam has been making us wait for a while with the movie release of ‘Dagaalty’. Finally having the release this week, we will see how ‘Dagaalty’ has worked on theatres!


A big shot Samrat (Tarun Arora), who is very much influential to seduce any girl with his status gets attracted to the girls for those who are having the figure and face illustrated by himself. At such an instance, he sends his dream illustration of an unknown girl to all the nooks and corners of the country. On the other hand, Santhanam who is a local ‘Dagaalty’ in Mumbai is a henchman of a local rogue gang of Bhai (Radharavi). In order to escape the death arrest from his boss for missing out a deal, Guru (Santhanam) pretends like he knows the girl which was illustrated and kept as a copy in Bhai’s place. Bhai also believes him and sends him to Thiruchendhur for bringing the girl. Guru goes for finding the girl in the desire to get money from Bhai where he comes to know that the girl is Malli who runs out from her house for becoming a filmmaker. However Guru convinces Malli to come with him to Mumbai by telling different reasons, Malli also innocently obeys him for the travel. Will Guru successfully bring Malli and hand over to Bhai? Will Guru fall in love with Malli for her innocence? What will Samrat do if he comes to know that Guru falls in love with Malli and helps her will follow the rest in ‘Dagaalty’!


Been an assistant to Director Shankar earlier, debutant Vijay Anand, Director of ‘Dagaalty’ had created a great expectation for the film such that the grandness was not there as expected. Looking into the screenplay, the story was usual and also not so thrilling anyways whereas the efforts of Santhanam to be like a serious hero are quite appreciative. Also, some counter comedies of Santhanam seemed ok-ish, Yogi Babu’s character seemed to be inserted unnecessarily. However, the first half was very simple with no twists and turns, in the second half was a bit exhausting because of the predictable story and also the climax. Hope, Vijay Anand at least knows how a money-minded person will change his mind just in just one fun-filled song! That too, after enjoying all the fun! Besides them, the cinematography and editing were decent, the music of Vijay Narain remained subtle.


Trying to be the 'serious hero' in performing and also concentrating in the comedy counters, Santhanam tried his maximum to maintain the neutrality in his character. Maybe this film seems to have a slight dropdown in his option of choosing characters in the latest films that he has appeared. As a cute and bubbly girl, the newcomer, Rittika Sen has done her best whereas Yogi Babu’s character seemed a bit unnecessary at some scenes. As a terror rowdy, Radharavi, as a villain, Tarun Arora and as an assistant to Tarun, Hemanth Pandey has done their roles well. However, actor Brahmanandam is known for many well-recognized humor performances in Tollywood, his character seemed very over-exaggerated in this film when compared to the films he has acted.

What works?

1) Some comedy counters of Santhanam

2) Songs

What doesn’t work?

1) Usual story

2) Insertion of unwanted characters

On the whole, ‘Dagaalty’ is a onetime watchable film but is a slight down the line in the list of comedy films that Santhanam acts these days!

Verdict: ‘Dagaalty’ is just for one time-passing ‘chai’ and no thrills!

Ratings: 4/10

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