‘Naadodigal 2’ Movie Review!

‘Naadodigal 2’ is not so strong like ‘Naadodigal’!

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Direction: Samuthirakani
Production: Madras Enterprises
Cast: Sasikumar, Anjali, Athulya Ravi & Bharani
Music: Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematography: NK Ekambaram
Editor: A. L. Ramesh

Almost after 11 years of the first part, Director Samuthirakani has made the sequel of the film ‘Naadodigal’ which was a huge success in 2009.


Jeeva (Sasikumar) along with Pandi (Bharani), Sengodi (Anjali) and others work vigorously for creating a revolution in the thoughts of the people in their town. However, they help and make protests against caste and social issues; Jeeva’s personal life gets affected without getting an apt bride. Anyways, the social service and activities for reforming the society go on one side, he somehow finds a bride and gets married to her. Sowmya (Athulya Ravi), wife and who is the new member of Jeeva’s house reveals about her love affair before marriage and about getting forced to be married to Jeeva. Listening to this and seeing her trying to kill herself, Jeeva gets shocked and tries to know more about Sowmya’s lover on the night he got married by the meeting. By understanding the seriousness and in spite of knowing the consequences of society’s reaction, Jeeva makes the couple get married and sends them to some unknown place in order to make them live safe. Although the society criticizes and makes a huge mess, Jeeva safeguards the couple without letting anyone know about where they live. What happens next? Will Sowmya’s family find the place where she is living? What will happen to Jeeva and his life? Will Jeeva and his activists’ gang get justice for doing protests for the society reveals the rest in ‘Naadodigal 2’!


Looking deep into the story and screenplay, ‘Naadodigal 2’ is all about the caste issues and the other societal issues, the story has been traveling gradually as usual with the normal and known facts. But compared to the slow and predictable first half, the second half was giving that ‘Sambo Siva Sambo’ feel of ‘Naadodigal’ but was so much preachy in the end. As a complete pack of drama, message and also a little of romance, the film seemed like a ‘pakka’ Samuthirakani-Sasikumar film. Overall, there was not any special element in the film if it was so much expected to watch by comparing it to the first part. Besides that, the cinematography and editing were quite a descent, the music was a little terrible with a high base which seemed powerful to tolerate in some instances.


As usual, Sasikumar had performed with the same meter he would perform in any other film. He is holding the screen throughout such that by supporting him, Anjali had also performed well. Besides them, Bharani as Pandi and Namo Narayana as ‘Selfie’Chinnamani have performed the similar character he played in the first part. Athulya and Esakki Barath have performed well like an innocent couple. Last but not least, Samuthirakani filled the gap in the film with his powerful cameo appearance.

What works?

1) Performances of Sasikumar and Anjali

2) Cinematography and Editing

What doesn’t work?

1) Usual story and screenplay with back to back songs

2) So many facts and multiple societal issues

On the whole, ‘Naadodigal 2’ is as usual the masala mix of usual societal issues with facts!

Verdict: ‘Naadodigal 2’ is not so strong like ‘Naadodigal’!

Ratings: 4.5/10

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