‘Seeru’ Movie Review!

‘Seeru’ is not that well-gripping cease of Jiiva at recent times!

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Direction: Rathina Shiva
Production: Vels Film International
Cast: Jiiva, Navdeep, Varun & Riya Suman
Music: D. Imman
Cinematography: Prasanna Kumar
Editor: Lawrence Kishore

Been expecting for a while after ‘Gorilla’, we knew Jiiva’s action film ‘Seeru’ has released this week such that ‘Rekka’ fame Rathina Shiva has directed this film with the bankrolling of ‘Vels Film International’. Let us see how this action film has worked on screens this week!


Manimaaran is a person who helps everyone in need and also makes everyone aware of every issue happening in the society through his local TV channel. Having a lovely sister who suffers from seizures problems since birth, Manimaaran takes care of her so carefully while she is pregnant because of her medical condition to not get seizures and delivery pain at the same time. Due to a problem he had with an MLA, he would have got a call from the MLA’s henchman who is from Chennai. While Manimaaran gets a threat from the rogue, Malli, Manimaaran asks Malli to come and do whatever he can after coming to his place. Malli also comes with full frustration to kill Manimaaran when he is out of his house. At that instance, Malli finds Manimaaran’s sister to be in the delivery pain. Will Malli kill Manimaaran’s sister? Or will he have some humanity to save her? If he saves, what will he do to Manimaaran? How will Manimaaran react for Malli if he has helped his sister? What will Manimaaran do next? Will Manimaaran try to contact Malli if he saves his sister and try to be friendly with him? What are the consequences will follow the rest!


Looking into the story and screenplay, the first half seemed fine till the interval block. It was smooth and had a different emotional idea between a sister and a brother also with a tidbit of romance as a touch. Also, comedy was working out in the first half but didn’t retain in the second half which was giving the tiring feel in the pre-climax much before the action sequence had the start. Apart from that, the ideas of ‘friendship’ and ‘rights for a woman’ were constantly getting registered at all possible portions then and there, hope Rathina Shiva will know what all ideas he is squeezing in one film to portray! The screenplay was diverting completely which seemed like the story of the first half and the story of the second half are completely different. Anyways, the idea of introducing the main villain of the film before the interval block had been the as usual trick which every action film in these days follow, the other technical aspects like cinematography and editing seemed decent, the background score seemed very powerful which is slightly heavy at some instances but considerable during the action blocks. Overall, ‘Seeru’ will be held only for the mass stunt scenes.


Jiiva holds the screen from the beginning to the end as a mass action hero but his fun-filled attitude and mannerism is also maintained well which is appreciated. As his sister, Gayathri has acted well and the heroine Riya Suman has performed well in the short portions she has appeared. Aptly transforming his entire look from a teenager in ‘Puppy’, Varun has performed the character of ‘Malli’ very well and his efforts in getting such a rough and tough look is really good. Navdeep as a powerful villain and ‘Goli Soda’ fame Chandhini as the bold ‘Pavithra’ had performed well. Moving forward to the second half, Sathish disappears and the comedy sequences also get vanished gradually in this action film.

What works?

1) Stunt sequences

2) Jiiva and Varun portions

3) Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1) Diverted screenplay

2) Many characters squeezed in one film

On the whole, ‘Seeru’ is a power packed action film with diverting screenplay which seems ok for the first half.

Verdict: ‘Seeru’ is not that well-gripping cease of Jiiva at recent times!

Ratings: 4/10

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