‘Vaanam Kottattum’ Movie Review!

‘Vaanam Kottattum’ is a refreshing family drama after a very long time!

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Direction: Dhana Sekaran
Production: Madras Talkies
Cast: Vikram Prabhu, Aishwarya Rajesh, Madonna Sebastian,Sarathkumar, Raadhika Sarathkumar & Shanthanu Bhagyaraj
Music: Sid Sriram
Cinematography: Preetha Jayaraman
Editor: Sangathamizhan E.

After ‘Chekka Chivantha Vaanam’, Mani Ratnam has joined hands with ‘Padaiveeran’ fame Dhana Sekaran along with the bankrolling of ‘Madras Talkies’. With the trailer and looks revealed from the film, Mani Ratnam seems to get immersed in a family drama now. Let us see how this multi-starrer ‘Vaanam Kottattum’ has worked on screens this week!


Bose (Sarathkumar) leaves 2 kids (son - Vikram and daughter – Aishwarya Rajesh) and goes to prison after killing the person who tried to kill his brother (Balaji Sakthivel) for winning an election. Chandra (Raadhika Sarathkumar) brings the kids to Chennai in order to have a peaceful life and for being away from all the violence which her husband Bose was doing. Chandra works hard and grows up the two of her kids such that after 16 years Bose comes out from jail after undergoing his hard imprisonment and also by missing his lovely family. However, Chandra doesn’t bring them to jail whenever she visits Bose, how will they both react after seeing their dad all of a sudden after so many years when Bose comes out? Will they understand the fatherly bond which Bose always has or will they be angry for letting them grow up struggle all these years? What are the issues while getting them connected within their family? Will they at least consider him as a dad after he has come after his imprisonment? Will the family reunite follows the rest in ‘Vaanam Kottattum’!


Looking keen into the screenplay, the reminder of watching ‘A Mani Ratnam’ has been carried over throughout the film because of the feel and presentation in every frame such that there were no twists, no turns or no unwanted duets and stunt sequences. The screenplay had been gradually approaching with the practical instances of a family when a father is in jail and how the entire family struggles to live which are then continued with the sudden shock when the father comes back from jail while life is going on with ups and downs. It’s a casual feel-light and feel-good film which has this ‘love-rectangle’ within a family of recent times. Apart from the right cast with apt looks, the technical crew with Sid Sriram’s soothing songs and background music, and the cinematography and editing had been the strong pillars for the mood created in the film. Overall, the movie is with slow-moving and is considerable since the feel and the mood that has been revolving around seems very mild and refreshing which is actually hard in portrayal at present days films.


Coming to the performance part, as the main lead actors, the performance of Sarathkumar and Raadhika Sarathkumar was lovely in every frame they appear such that Sarathkumar’s look like an ordinary villager and tights muscles were perfect the way he carried himself for the role. The chemistry and the matured romance between the old but golden couple actors was so refreshing. As an enthusiastic and arrogant son, Vikram Prabhu has been cool the way he acted and as his naughty and fun-loving sister, Aishwarya Rajesh had played a very young and matured role very well. Like a love interest of Aishwarya, Shanthanu, like a rude and always insulting high-class woman, Madonna Sebastian, as an understanding and matured friend to Aishwarya, ‘VIP’ fame ‘Amul Baby’ Amitash Pradhaan, as Vikram and Aishwarya’s uncle, Balaji Sakthivel and as the dual-role villain, Nandha has performed their characters in a neat way as it was required for their roles.

What works?

1) Refreshing mood and presentation

2) Performance of actors

3) Music, Cinematography, and editing

What doesn’t work?

1) Usual story

2) Slow-moving screenplay

On the whole, ‘Vaanam Kottattum’ is a feel-good family drama which will definitely be refreshment from all the genres which we have been watching in recent times.

Verdict: ‘Vaanam Kottattum’ is a refreshing family drama after a very long time!

Ratings: 5/10

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