‘Trance’ Movie Review!

‘Trance’ is a trippy show of bringing out people believes with a core idea/message smudged inside!

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Direction: Anwar Rasheed
Production: Anwar Rasheed Entertainments
Cast: Fahadh Faasil, Gautham Menon, Soubin Shahir, Nazriya Nazim, Vinayakan, Chemban Vinod Jose, Dileesh Pothan & Sreenath Bhasi
Songs: Jackson Vijayan
Score: Sushin Shyam & Jackson Vijayan
Cinematography: Amal Neerad
Editor: Praveen Prabhakar

Much awaited on screens since the real-life couple, Fahad Faasil and Nazriya Nazim are seen together after a very time, ‘Trance’ which has released this Friday in Chennai seems to be one of the prominent films which is much expected among the recent movie releases. Let us see how the trippy ‘Trance’ has worked on theatres!

Kanyakumari-based motivational speaker Viju Prasad (Fahadh Faasil) runs to Mumbai without able to bear the depression which haunts him after his younger brother Kunjan’s (Sreenath Bhasi) death who was suffering a severe mental illness since their mom passed away during their childhood. He gets hired by the pseudo corporate duo, Solomon Davis (Gautham Vasudev Menon) and Isaac Thomas (Chemban Vinod Jose) in the idea of minting out money out of people's blind beliefs to religion. Eventually, Viju is trained by Avarachan (Dileesh Pothan) and is made as a Pastor Joshua Carlton (J.C.), a miracle-worker. However, after making trillions and trillions of people to believe his preaching, Viju becomes a billionaire through many stage shows such that he is cornered in a TV interview by a TV host Mathew (Soubin Shahir) for his false powers and fake preaching on healing people’s sufferings. Listening to the questions, Viju gets his pressure increased such that he is also undergoing powerful medications. What happens next? Will Viju reveal himself to the public who believe him to be a powerful ‘miracle worker’? Who will make him reveal? What will the corporate duo Solomon and Issac do if Viju reveals follow the rest in ‘Trance’!

Taking the strongest aspect which is ‘religion’ as the subject, Anwar Rasheed has smoothly run out the screenplay with the revealing of plots starting from introducing the characterizations perfectly. However, the story is based on the true happenings in the society, a few sequences like making the miracle worker undergo a drug medication, etc., are quite unbelievable, the mood set in the film by making every character having equal importance in every frame is so good. Only if you watch the film you might understand the mood rather than reading as a review. The film deserves appreciation mainly for cinematography, background score as they are the biggest strengths. Overall, the performances are rising up the marks to the top even though some unconvincing lags exist in ‘Trance’.

Appreciations to the entire team for attempting a new genre of film!

Coming to the performance part, Oh my God! Where do I start? Ok! Firstly, Fahad Faasil as Viju and Pastor Joshua Carlton will definitely steal your hearts by showing us transformation in performing. However, Nazriya is coming in a very small portion; her character is something very different when compared to the characters she has played in her previous films. As the main villain, Gautham Vasudev Menon has performed so well and also by supporting him, Chemban Vinod Jose has performed well. Been having many poplar directors as actors in this film, Dileesh Pothan has performed well in the comedy-serious role. Soubin Shahir as a TV host has acted well by creating a twist before the interval block. Lastly, the State Award Winning actor, Vinayakan, as usual, ruled out the screens with his innocent-terror performance in the climax.

On the whole, ‘Trance’ is a must-watch if you are expecting a different and ‘trippy’ genre of film and also with a slight touch in portraying the real happenings in the society. And, the religion which is portrayed seems to be a ‘for say’ and the majorly followed religion which can never be debated/spread out as a controversy because the aspect showcased is really happening in every religion.

‘Trance’ is a trippy show of bringing out people believes with a core idea/message smudged inside!

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