Broken Heart Surgery???

Kadhalar Kudiyiruppu – a broken heart surgery

News 21-Jul-2010 11:51 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

‘Kavalar Kudiyiruppu’ being rechristened as ‘Kadhalar Kudiyiruppu’ revolves around the heart-wrenching tale of two souls in love.

Societal calamities have often claimed not only lives of peoples, but the innocents’ peace and state of living. In the past, there have been many films focalized on such themes including Manirathnam’s ‘Bombay’. AMR Ramesh, whose previous film ‘Kuppi’ won lots of laurels is all set for his next film ‘Kadhalar Kudiyiruppu’ that is set in backdrops of a major National conflict that affected the lives of a couple.

Especially, the film would depict a youngster’s (newcomer Anish Tejaswar from Tollywood) love, sentiments, affection for mother, his anxieties, conflicts and pursuit of happiness in this film. Shruthi stars opposite him in female lead role with Dileep Raj, Saranya and Avinash donning prominent characters.

James Vasanthan’s musical score is expected to be one of the highlighting features of this movie slated to hit screens in August.

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