Kaadhal Solla Vandhen

Average fare…

Reviews 14-Aug-2010 5:26 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Younger boys falling in love elder girls – ‘Vallavan’, ‘Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya’ were the best illustrations of defining new line of cinema with bold themes. Can ‘Kaadhal Solla Vandhen’ be categorized under the same roof? Definitely, it’s the same call as the plot is focalized on similar motif.

Boopathy Pandian’s previous films were patently sang-froid entertainers as they didn’t boast of any seriousness and it was only fun and romance. This time, it’s a newfangled effort from the filmmaker as he tries presenting the timeworn script in a new format.

Nothing special to mention about the script as it’s an onionskin tale of a younger boy (Balaji) falling in love with a senior girl (Meghna) in his college. The complete film is about the guy running behind the girl, trying to woo her down. Finally, when their hearts are set to bind together, fate has its own plans.

The biggest problem with ‘Kaadhal Solla Vandhen’ is its tenuously crafted screenplay. There are no twists, no conflicts between the characters and for the complete show except climax, the ho-hum proceedings offers no surprises. However, Boopathy Pandian’s comedy liners keep the audiences amused to a certain extent. The climax portion is completely predictable, but again Boopathy Pandian proves himself smart over couple of twists in the particular sequence.

Balaji is too young and looks like a mismatch with Meghna. Maybe, the director wanted to offer a realistic touch to his characters, but that doesn’t work for better over the screens. The chap tries evoking laughter with his usual mannerisms that were very much prevalent in his small screen series ‘Kana Kaanum Kaalangal’. Newcomer Meghna looks cute and bubbly and she can easily win few offers in Kollywood with an ease. Sabesh Karthik showcases a splendid performance and pulls on the humor quotients to higher degrees. Arya’s guest appearance is appreciable as he reveals the secret behind ‘Chocolates gifted to girls’ as a token of love.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs aren’t even passable and he has completely lost his touch as in his previous album ‘Baana Kaathadi’. Cinematography is pleasant and cool with some splendiferous shots canned, especially for the songs.

On the whole, ‘Kaadhal Solla Vandhen’ doesn’t promise to offer you anything in special and even for the ardent buffs of romantic movies, it doesn’t savor their tastes.

Watch this film, if you’ve already booked tickets for the show.

What works: Few comedy liners, performance, Sabesh Karthik, Cinematography, Aarya’s cameo

What doesn’t work: Onscreen chemistry, music, same old potboiler, lack of raciness in screenplay

Verdict: Average fare…

Production: S. Jayakumar

Direction: Boopathy Pandian

Star-casts: Balaji, Meghna, Sabesh Karthik, Heera and Aarya (guest appearance)

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

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