Suriya's Injury Holdups Ezham Arivu

Suriya’s sprain over the legs during stunt sequence for ‘Ezham Arivu’ results in 3-day break of shooting.

News 2-Dec-2010 9:36 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Actor Suriya’s ‘Ezham Arivu’ is shaping up faster as A.R. Murugadoss makes sure of completing the project on scheduled time. Returning from the promotional campaigns for ‘Rattha Charithram’ in Coimbatore, Suriya immediately resumed the shooting of ‘Ezham Arivu’.

It was a breathtaking stunt sequence shot in the sets of Binny Mills, Perambur. Everything was going well until Suriya’s ankle was twisted. Though the actor preferred continuing the shoot, the crewmembers called for medical aid. Instantaneously doctor insisted the actor for a 3-day rest.

Lots of potentials have been demanded from Suriya in ‘Ezham Arivu’ as the script revolves around a newfangled script with more prominence for stunts. In fact the actor underwent special training in stunts to keep going with the project without using dupes.

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