Superstar Rajnikanth and Jyothika Cameo Shots in 'Nagavalli'

The cameo appearance of Superstar Rajnikanth and Jyothika edited from ‘Chandramukhi’ in its sequel ‘Nagavalli’ made fans to go crazy.

News 17-Dec-2010 12:26 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Following the grand success of Chandramukhi sequel in Kannada titled ‘Aaptha Rakshaka’, filmmaker P. Vasu has remade the film in Telugu as ‘Nagavalli – The Chandramukhi’ starring Venkatesh in dual roles while Anushka, Kamalini Mukherji, Richa Gangopadhyay, Suja and Poonam Kaur play female lead roles.

Much alike the prequel, the ‘Chandramukhi’ portrait reaches another house in Tirupathi as the family wins it during a dance competition. Soon as the portrait is into their house, lots of mysterious things starts happening letting them discombobulated. They now seek the help of Dr. Vijay (Venkatesh), who is said to be the associate of Eeswar (Rajnikanth is showing photo along with Venkatesh).

During a particular sequence where Venkatesh uses the same technique that Rajnikanth uses to trap Chandramukhi. To a greater surprise, the audiences enthralled when the shots of Superstar Rajnikanth and Venkatesh are juxtaposed.

Of course, the very opening of the film has the final shot of Jyothika’s ultimate performance during Chandramukhi climax and the scenes where she opens the room of Chandramukhi portrait.

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